5 Ways Parents Can Get Quiet Time On The Weekends


5 Ways Parents Can Get Quiet Time On The Weekends

It’s Saturday and you’ve got so many plans! You’ve got to get the kids ready for the long day ahead, run errands, clean the house, cook dinner, and finally, relax. But before you can relax, you need to get a few hours of “you-time.” It’s not easy to find time on the weekends to yourself. But it’s really important to do so. Here are 5 ways you can find time for yourself on the weekends.

 Do what you can to get a little me-time

Start your day off by going for a run or a walk. This can help you wake up, clear your head, and clear your soul before you head off to your day. Then when the kids wake up, you can make breakfast together and share it with the family. Make it a simple, relaxed meal where the kids can help. In the afternoon, do something you enjoy. If you like to cook, then why not cook with the kids. Take a bath. Take a nap. Watch a movie. Read a book. Enjoy it! Get help if you need it. You may need some help during the day and don’t have the mental capacity or energy to take care of your kids. Your spouse or a friend can watch the kids for a little bit so you can take a nap or read a book or just relax.

Say “No”

Say “no” to any late-night invitations or any invitations to do things that are not for yourself.  Let your family know that you’ll need time for yourself and that they’ll respect it if you need to leave the table to go the bathroom.  Do Something You Enjoy Instead of letting the kids watch the movie or game, watch your own movie or game.

Take a walk

Some people like to use the weekend as a time to get outdoors. A relaxing walk can be a great way to clear your mind and get a fresh perspective. And you can use the walk to get outside and breathe the fresh air.  Take a walk in your local park to find some peace. It might be quiet, but you’ll be able to hear the birds, see the sunrise, and take in nature while you relax.  If your weekends include a long, relaxing walk, that’s the best way to relax on the weekend. 

Get a massage

If you’re looking for a really peaceful place to unwind, get a massage. There are all sorts of different massage services, and they’ll take care of your neck, back, feet, and any other area that you might need to be massaged. Find a day spa near you! 

Get a babysitter

If you don’t have family or friends that you can trust, get a babysitter.  Do your favorite things. Going out doesn’t have to mean a night on the town. It could just mean curling up with a book, a bath with your favorite scent, or doing anything you like while uninterrupted. Your babysitter can handle the kids outside, have them watch a movie, or take them to the park. Some will even make dinner for the kids, or you can just have them order pizza. 


Finding time to relax on the weekends can be really difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and planning. But the benefits of knowing 5 Ways Parents Can Get Quiet Time On The Weekends and finding time for yourself are immense. 

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