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How To Help Your Child Get Organized

If you have a child in school, youu2019ll know that getting your child organized has become a big problem. Itu2019s not just about having them neatly organized in their books, but also their papers, in their folders, in their locker, and their backpack. Iu2019m going to share some strategies on how to help your child get organized in school. Iu2019ve tried most of these strategies and theyu2019ve helped me. For other tips, check out this post.

Set a good example

Set a good example for your child by being organized yourself. Be sure to show them how to file their papers. My oldest daughter is a perfectionist and wants everything to be neat and tidy. So every time I file papers she follows behind me. If I donu2019t finish the file she folds the papers, so I donu2019t have to have them organized in any way. It is important for her to see that filing a pile of papers doesnu2019t mean that theyu2019re being thrown out. Bring them with you to the store to help Your child may see that you take care of your bills, your purse, and your purse. Bring your child with you when you do any of these things to show your child that you are organized. To show them that you are organized, you may have to bring some of these tasks to their level.

Get rid of extraneous, unnecessary items

Whether youu2019re talking about school or life, donu2019t get rid of your kidsu2019 stuff because it may be of sentimental value. If you do, youu2019ll have too much clutter and it will be impossible to organize. Itu2019s much better to give it to someone whou2019s in need, and not just stuff you donu2019t want anymore. For example, if you know someone is going to need baby clothes, donate them to a woman whou2019s expecting. Or, if youu2019re thinking about getting rid of a book thatu2019s been sitting on your bookshelf for years, put it on a book sale or other online search site to make money and help someone who wants a new book. Pick a zone of focus I know kids have a lot going on. When you are at home, do you organize everything in the house? Do you work in your office or home office?

Make a system

Choose a set of objects that are important to your child, that you can always find, and that are only available in your home. Make sure you choose a few items, so that your child has a system in place. Depending on the age of your child, choose things like: a spare uniform, a pencil case, a spare book, a photo album, a small bag, a small rucksack. Make sure your child knows the objectu2019s name, so they can easily find it again. If they forget the name, they can look it up on their own. This doesnu2019t have to be expensive, but it will help a lot. Include a place to store it When your child needs a spare uniform, pencil case, photo album, or bag, they have to remember to bring it to school. Now, instead, they can have a place to put the spare object.


Children need to learn to be organized. School is the perfect environment for children to be organized. However, children have a tendency to drop everything when the going gets tough. We need to help children get organized and stay organized when school gets tough. If you have a son or daughter in school, let me know how you handle the issues that arise from having a child in school. About the Author: Jezebel Martin is the mother of 2 children and an author. She is an expert on getting children organized.

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